EDGNEX’s Experts: Ray Mcnally, Senior Vice President, Data Centre Operations

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EDGNEX’s Experts: Ray Mcnally, Senior Vice President, Data Centre Operations

What is your role at EDGNEX?

As Senior Vice President of Operations, I have a broad scope from site selection through to operations. I focus on multiple stages of the process and oversee a team of executives. My role at EDGNEX is varied and it is exciting to be involved in this evolving enterprise.


What is your background in the data centre industry?

Over the past 13 years I have had the privilege to be part of the cloud from its birth, through infancy to its current teenage years, while surpassing all expectations for growth. I have learnt and grown significantly both personally and professionally during my time with Microsoft working in a variety of data centre focused roles.

My experience has given me knowledge across the operations process, design, energy efficiency, site selection and mergers and acquisitions.


What are the trends you see shaping the data centre market?

New market development is booming. EDGNEX’s core vision is to target these developing markets, break ground and build world-class facilities. We understand this trend better than anyone and it is at the heart of what we do.

Sustainability will be another key trend to watch. We need to implement new measures that will cut energy use and enable the green power initiative. Governments are focused on pushing greener data centres around the world and customers are showing resistance to those not taking part.


What role do you see EDGNEX playing in the market? What are the big opportunities?

In the immediate term we will be one of the biggest players in accelerating new market development. EDGNEX is committed to delivering the next digital hubs and supporting the growth of local and global digital economies.

In the medium term, I expect to see us investing in land opportunities that take advantage of the improvements in technology. This is a very reactive approach, and we need to take opportunities as and when they appear.


How will the data centre market evolve and change over the next two to three years?

As mentioned, there will be a drive for more efficient facilities with improved environmental sustainability. If data centre providers can reduce environmental impact while maintaining time to market, performance and cost then they’re set to be the best. There is so much focus on this factor that it is impossible to miss if you want to succeed.


What are you most excited about for the future?

I have learned lots from European markets throughout my time at Microsoft and I can see the gaps that need filling in the Middle East and other underserved markets such as Asia and Africa. I’m excited to apply my learnings and accelerate digital transformation and innovation in the region and around the world.