EDGNEX’s Experts: Jim Kavanagh, VP of Data Centre Land Acquisition in EMEA

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EDGNEX’s Experts: Jim Kavanagh, VP of Data Centre Land Acquisition in EMEA


What is your role at EDGNEX?


I am Vice President of Data Centre Land Acquisition in EMEA. I’m focusing on identifying sites that align with EDGNEX’s long-term goals and have maximum impact for customers and users.

I manage the entire acquisition process of these sites throughout EMEA and work with the wider EDGNEX team to get them up and running. It’s an exciting new role for me and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.


What is your background in the data centre industry?


I spent over 20 years at Intel, progressing through a range of roles including Strategic Alliances Manager EMEA for Intel’s Online Services business and Real Estate Manager in EMEA. The last three years I’ve worked for Amazon Web Services as Data Centre Real Estate Transaction Manager for EMEA covering both new regions and existing and constrained availability zones, focused on site selection.


What are the trends you see shaping the data centre market?


There are multiple trends emerging as more businesses digitally transform their processes. The technological advances in data networking, including coherent optics, are leading to increased speed and capacity of transmission. This alone will have a significant impact on data centre site selection in the future.

Site selection is set to continue to change as the need for renewable power and carbon neutrality emerges into day-to-day operations within the industry. The ever-growing demand for data centre capacity will also continue to increase for the foreseeable future.


What role do you see EDGNEX playing in the market? What are the big opportunities?


EDGNEX is going beyond the traditional approach to data centre development and moves with new speed and agility to serve this growing demand. We’re finding the right locations in the right markets that will have maximum impact on the local community.

We’re making moves to enter tier 2 locations ahead of the hyperscalers. By positioning ourselves to meet the expanding needs of hyperscalers, cloud and content companies, carriers and large enterprises in these markets as global growth continues, we can make a first mover advantage.

By acquiring land in the markets that need it most, EDGNEX is building data centres that will make a real difference.


How will the data centre market evolve and change over the next two to three years?


The data centre market is set for continuous growth of around 30% per year. I also expect to see hyperscaler’s expanding their availability zone footprint due to advances in networking technologies.

Digital hubs will become the foundation for innovation in our digital economy. Market growth is booming and there is more momentum now than ever before. I see data centres in tier 2 and 3 markets really taking off in the next few years and it is exciting to watch this progression unfold.

We’re working with one of the most exciting and innovative markets right now as we build a foundation for keeping the world connected.


What are you most excited about for the future?


In the short term, I am excited for EDGNEX’s progression in getting major data centre projects agreed and development started. It’ll be so great to see the data centre doors open for business in the future and enable companies to connect with EDGNEX.

We’ve got a great vision and now that we’re in the execution phase things are really ramping up. EDGNEX is definitely one to watch.