EDGNEX’s Experts: Darren Stratton, Senior Director, New Markets and Business Development

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EDGNEX’s Experts: Darren Stratton, Senior Director, New Markets and Business Development

What is your role at EDGNEX?

I am Senior Director, New Markets and Business Development at EDGNEX.

My role is focused on evaluating the markets that EDGNEX can enter with maximum impact for customers and users. I lead research into new opportunities and supporting EDGNEX’s decisions on whether we should build, buy or partner in local markets. I look at demographics, existing data centre demand, the competitive landscape, and local market support for data centre initiatives.


What is your background in the data centre industry? 

For the last 15 years I was at du, building datamena into the leading digital hub of the Middle East. I also spent four years with AT&T Business based in the Netherlands and 3 years for HP in Saudi Arabia. These roles grew my knowledge of many global markets by giving me insights into what works and where.


What are the trends you see shaping the data centre market?

The digital ecosystem is changing data centres from traditional whitespace to ambitious cohesive platforms. The technological capabilities of data centres are growing at an unprecedented rate.

Data centre providers will need to focus on the ecosystem and connectivity surrounding the data centre, not just the facility itself. We need to advise our customers on location, the potential for their organisations, the ecosystem of partners, and really emphasise the ease of doing business using our facilities. Data centre facilities will grow and mature based on these factors. What matters is a facility’s potential to support long-term growth.


What role do you see EDGNEX playing in the market? What are the big opportunities?

We can find ways to remove the complexity from entering new markets for global players and make data centres accessible for underserved markets.

There is a growing recognition that ecosystem players attract high-value customers and create the digital hubs that underserved markets need. EDGNEX is focusing on delivering these hubs with a consistent experience across markets and making it simple for our customers to be successful. We want to add value by supporting sustainable ecosystems, rather than taking the traditional data centre approach of trying to keep customers onboard while squeezing as much revenue out of them as possible.


How will the data centre market evolve and change over the next two to three years?

We will see a drive for more efficient facilities with improved environmental sustainability. As data centre providers, we’re aware of the issues surrounding sustainability and the environment and we’re committed to change.

When looking into new markets, I’m actively looking for areas where we can implement sustainable data centres and use measures that positively impact the environment. I hope that this continues to increase over the coming years.


What are you most excited about for the future?

It’s exciting to see the enormous investment in new high-bandwidth submarine and terrestrial cable systems which coincides with the build of new data centres in under-severed markets. This means digital transformation is truly going to go global.