EDGNEX’s Experts: Chris Ayscough, Vice President, Procurement

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EDGNEX’s Experts: Chris Ayscough, Vice President, Procurement

What is your role at EDGNEX?

I am Vice President, Procurement at EDGNEX covering supplier relations across the end-to-end cycle from design and build, all the way through to operate.

My role involves collaboration and identification, sourcing, contracting and management of the data centre supply partners to deliver a highly competitive and high quality of service to our customers.


What is your background in the data centre industry?

I have over 15 years’ experience in the technology & IT space working to procure and build or outsource to data centres. Before EDGNEX, I worked for Equinix Inc. forming and building their EMEA procurement organisation to structure and scale their supply side business. I have led on the digitalisation of related demand management and source to pay processes to deliver market leading capabilities.


What are the trends you see shaping the data centre market?

I think the most common trend we’ll see is a real focus on sustainability and achieving net-zero goals. There is an increasing demand for data centre providers to take measures that tackle environmental issues so it will be interesting to see the emerging approaches.

Digitalisation will continue to increase rapidly. There will be a continuation of the trend to move to the cloud, internet of things and the development of edge networks. Although this is a trend that has been present for the last few years, there will be disruptive breakthroughs and it’ll be great to be part of the next wave.

I also think Big Data and Artificial Intelligence will be used to generate new informational insights in an effort to help businesses better serve customer demands and improve efficiencies.


What role do you see EDGNEX playing in the market? What are the big opportunities?

There is an opportunity for EDGNEX to become a significant regional data centre service provider that disrupts the established incumbents. We are focused on building strong partnerships in local markets to gain multi-national customers. In such a fast-moving and innovative market, the possibilities are truly endless.


How will the data centre market evolve and change over the next two to three years?

Technology will continue to disrupt and virtualise the layers, removing physical barriers and improving the cost, efficiency and effectiveness of data centre services. The capabilities for data centres will continue to grow and new markets will emerge. If you look at markets through the Middle East, Africa and Asia you can instantly see their potential to grow into high-performance digital hubs.


What are you most excited about for the future?

I’m looking forward to watching EDGNEX grow as a brand and building it into a recognised and trusted data centre service provider.