Darren Stratton: A New Year, New Role, and Recognising New Potential in Local Data Centre Markets

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Darren Stratton: A New Year, New Role, and Recognising New Potential in Local Data Centre Markets


Over the last 12 months, EDGNEX has moved from its vision and strategy phase to breaking ground and executing on data centre developments across the globe. I’m happy to share that I’m now EDGNEX’s Senior Director, New Markets and Business Development.

My new role is focused on evaluating the markets that EDGNEX can enter with maximum impact for customers and users. I am leading research into new opportunities and supporting EDGNEX’s decisions on whether we should build, buy or partner in local markets. In this role, I’m looking at demographics, existing data centre demand, the competitive landscape, and local market support for data centre initiatives.

EDGNEX is expanding and growing how it assesses underserved and overlooked data centre markets and refining its due diligence processes.

Our team is looking at customer pain points at a local level and how we can solve them. The opportunity is to do this with greater agility and speed than competitors. We can find ways to remove the complexity from entering new markets for global players and make data centres accessible for local organisations.

Our job is to accelerate how hyperscalers enter new markets and deliver digital infrastructure that supports local digital economies. We want to offer solutions rather than just rack space or competing on price per megawatt or kilowatt.


Creating Digital Hubs, Not Just Facilities


I went to an industry event in London recently and the conversations weren’t about networking, data centre infrastructure or power supplies, but instead, the capabilities and potential once you’re in the right ecosystem. Data centre facilities thrive when they have multiple connectivity options and a rich ecosystem of potential partners from across cloud, content, and communications.

If you only focus on the data centre and don’t think about the ecosystem and connectivity around it, then it’s not a digital hub. It is just a building. There’s an opportunity to advise our customers on location, the potential for their organisations, the ecosystem of partners, and really emphasise the ease of doing business using our facilities. Data centre facilities will grow and mature based on these factors. What matters is a facility’s potential to support long-term growth.


Land and Expand


In less mature markets in the Middle East and Africa, there has been a focus on simply building larger and larger facilities rather than the customer journey. That is changing rapidly.

There is a growing recognition that ecosystem players attract high-value customers and create the digital hubs that underserved markets need. EDGNEX is focusing on delivering these hubs with a consistent experience across markets and making it simple for our customers to be successful.

We’ve built a team of experts from across every aspect of data centre development, sales and marketing, and we have focused our roles to deliver greater value for customers. It is an exciting time at EDGNEX, and I look forward to assessing, evaluating, and supporting site selection so that we can break ground on the digital hubs of the future.