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Build It and They Will Come: EDGNEX Data Centres 2022

Author: Stuart Manby

Vice President Sales & Marketing

In 2021, we built the foundation for the future of our business. In 2022, we are ramping up our presence in markets around the world and delivering on our vision for local digital hubs. We’ve moved quickly over the last 12 months to develop our business and go to market with a unique and valuable proposition for customers.


There is a massive opportunity to move with new agility in the data centre market and proactively deliver facilities as demand emerges. Since our launch at International Telecoms Week in August, we’ve seen renewed focus on markets in Africa and the Middle East, and competing data centre providers announcing plans without actually breaking ground on facilities. Our approach has always been to move quickly but focus on delivering real solutions for customers where they need them.


Throughout the past 12 months, we have been assessing sites and breaking ground on new facilities in Europe and the Middle East. Our parent company DAMAC launched a joint venture with Ireland-headquartered Dataplex Group Limited to develop brownfield projects involving retrofitting existing structures and larger greenfield projects, with specific focus on hyperscale and wholesale colocation customers.


At the same time, we’ve been building our team and bringing together global talent with years of experience in building, buying, and partnering in the data centre market. The team has the technical, operational, and commercial skills to deliver a seamless customer journey end-to-end and make it simple for organisations to enter new high-growth markets. We have the talent and experience to have an immediate impact for customers in markets that so far have been underserved with digital infrastructure.


Priorities for 2022


In 2022, we will remain focused on going live with new facilities in key markets while rapidly assessing and breaking ground in new markets beyond our current footprint.


Here are my priorities for EDGNEX in 2022:


Going to Market – Our facilities will be going live throughout the year, and we will be engaging with hyperscalers, cloud service providers, content companies, over the top (OTT) players and enterprises, and showing them that they can access trusted and world-class facilities in markets they may have overlooked.


Delivering Digital Hubs – We have to be more than a data centre provider. We have to build ecosystems of connectivity, cloud and content that support our customers’ digital journeys end-to-end.


Building a Culture of Service – We have to deliver a consistent customer experience across our facilities globally and ensure that EDGNEX facilities in Africa are as easy to use as facilities in Europe or the Middle East.


Identifying New Opportunities – There are a lot of overlooked markets that have so far been challenging to enter. We’re ready to take on that challenge and enable our customers to use EDGNEX facilities as a platform for growth. We’re ready to do the heavy lifting.


Growing Our Team – We’re going to continue to add talent to our team and expand our organisation across new markets. Our focus is on outcomes for customers and ensuring they have the support they need, not just the facilities.


Staying Focused on the Future – As we’ve seen over the last 18-24 months, how we live and work can change overnight. Our business needs to be ready to adapt, pivot and grow in new places and quickly serve new demand.



This Time Next Year


This time next year, we will have data centre facilities live in key markets in the Middle East and Europe. Our Dataplex joint venture will be growing our footprint across Europe. Our team will be working hard to develop new facilities. Most importantly, we’ll have world-leading customers live in our facilities and experiencing what it means to choose EDGNEX to support their long-term growth.