Across the globe, hyperscalers, cloud service providers, content companies, over the top (OTT) players and enterprises need local digital infrastructure that can deliver performance, optimised user experiences and data sovereignty. They need to be ready to serve exponential demand coming from local markets driven by rapid digital transformation, booming digital economies, and growing internet users. While digital hubs have been established in key crossroads and interconnection points across the globe, it is the next digital hubs that have been underserved and overlooked that need digital infrastructure investment. Cities like Amsterdam, Dubai, Frankfurt, London, Marseille, Mumbai, and Singapore have been established as centres for digital infrastructure.

Data Centers

Data Centers

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EDGNEX is a global digital infrastructure company. Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, EDGNEX is providing a foundation for local innovation across the globe and disrupting the data centre market with new speed and agility. It proactively builds, buys or partners to serve the next wave demand for data centre services. EDGNEX identifies markets where new investment in digital infrastructure can have maximum impact on local economies,enterprises and end users.